How are we influenced by Ancestors?

It is commonly thought that the spiritual world is far removed from the visible, human world. Yet my experiences of ancestor healing have shown that the two exist together like two sides of a coin. The invisible world is just another dimension of the world we live in. We just cannot see or touch it, but its influence can be far-reaching in our lives.

I believe our ancestors think, worry and feel pain in much the same way as they did when they were alive. They stay in the spiritual world because of strong attachments and emotions and their energy frequency can’t reach the place they should return to. Ancestors exist as energy fields that surround us, and can influence a family many generations after their death.

Most ancestors mean no harm or ill-will to their descendants. They gave birth to us and still carry with them the love and care of parents. However, the vibration created by the emotions and pain they are still carrying can reach out and influence our lives.

Dark or troubled spirits that cannot change the pain of their former lives are attracted like a magnet to their descendants, who have a similar vibration. These ancestral spirits can be desperate for help to relieve their personal suffering. They have a cold “energy body” carrying vibrations of heavy emotions, attachment, pain and regret. Those Ancestors who held strong negative emotions or who died suddenly, in a state of shock or from suicide can interfere and connect with us in a way that can affect our energy system, weakening our physical health and mental wellbeing.

The dark or heavy energy of our ancestors can be likened to the unhealthy root of a tree. It is hard for this tree to produce healthy fruit. If our ancestors’ lives were troubled, if they suffered ill-health or negativity, it can affect future generations. For a tree to bear good fruit it must have strong and healthy roots. Similarly the health and happiness of our lives is intrinsically linked with our ancestral history.

How do I know if I’m affected by my ancestors?

These days it is common for people to be influenced by the spirits of their ancestors. In the same way that an old building holds its history and can have a heavy or dark feeling or energy depending on what has happened there, people reflect the history of their ancestors and what has happened to them. Our ancestors’ emotions and pain are easily held in our own body and mind.

Goodhearted and bright ancestors have a positive influence on the family after death. However, people who died with emotional or physical pain are often desperate for help and invariably tune to their living family members. When we deplete our own energy levels and carry emotional & mental stress from our own lives, we are more vulnerable to their influence.

There are times when this influence is so strong that the spirit is known to enter someone’s body changing their thoughts and behaviour; we often describe people as doing something, “completely out of character”. Especially when we are run-down or negative, our aura is weakened, opening the way to influence from troubled ancestors.

Symptoms of Spiritual Influence

The following list of symptoms does not automatically suggest someone is influenced by spirits or ancestors, but is offered as a guide:

  • Always tired and lethargic
  • Attitude becomes critical and negative
  • Being depressed and gloomy, wanting to be alone
  • Loss of self-confidence
  • No interest in anything
  • Sensitive and suffer from social phobias
  • Not sociable in school or in the workplace
  • Losing ability to concentrate
  • Troubled dreams / nightmares
  • Insomnia
  • Acting too young or too old for one’s age

Ancestor healing is a way to help deceased ancestors release their karma and pain and to be at peace and free.


Paulo’s story

I did ancestral healing in 2007 and it’s definitely the best thing I have ever done in my life. I had been suffering with insomnia for about 10 years prior to starting this program and still now I’m amazed at the difference that it made to my sleeping patterns, with a knock-on effect to my health. For so long I tried to find something that could help me besides the short term effects of the medication I was on. I had quite an aggressive form of insomnia, I could not switch off my brain at all and I was so desperate every night for a good night sleep. It was literally driving me crazy.

imagesIt was that kind of insomnia that leaves your brain to burn at night as it desperately tries to switch off. The feeling in the morning was terrible. I was so desperate for a good night’s sleep. I was losing weight, I didn’t have a social life and I was extremely irritable all day. It was hard to think, the few people around me thought I was crazy. One day I decided to take medication. The specialist took 3 months to work out the right cocktail of 4 different drugs that I had to take every day. The dosage would have probably knocked out a horse… I felt dizzzy and groggy, and most of all emotionally numb, like a zombie.

One day I met a Qi practitioner at an exhibition. I was so exhausted and after feeling great with the Qi treatment I decided to look into it further. When I heard about the ancestral healing program, the concept behind it answered a lot of questions I had during my illness. I took part in the program and my sleep began to return to normal and I could look at the future again with trust and positivity for the first time in a long time. After finishing the program I felt much better, and I still have this feeling of peace and happiness inside me.  Although sometimes I still have the odd night when my sleep is not good, overall the improvement has been very significant, allowing me to have a normal life again.

I’m very grateful to the Qi Masters for helping me in a such dark period of my life. I would recommend the ancestral healing program to anyone who is interested in a deep spiritual experience and those who are struggling and can’t see a way out. Thank you

A ceremony

A ceremony is a ritual to build a connection between what is visible and invisible. Ancient people held many ceremonies, prepared with much devotion and sincerity. The preparation would often last many days and was a sacred undertaking of body and mind. A ceremony could be offered to the universe or the source to show gratitude for life; ceremonies were often offered to Nature to pray for a good harvest and to thank the earth for everything that was received. When communities lived in greater harmony with nature, a ceremony was a natural expression of gratitude, stemming from an innate trust and understanding of our connection and oneness with the universe and the earth.

The offering of food, flowers and fruit was a celebration and appreciation of all things that were given by the Earth to support human life.

Ancient people also offered ceremonies for family members who had passed away and this is still done in many cultures around the world today.

Ancestor healing is a practice done from the heart. It involves the offering of ceremonies to honour deceased ancestors and is an expression of love and respect for the family that gave life to us. It  is believed to bring peace and release to the deceased ancestors and is also an important way to release any karma around the living descendants.

As we can’t fully know the invisible existence of our ancestors to make the physical offering of a ceremony is showing love and trust .

Respect and remembrance of ancestors and ceremonies for the dead exist in many cultures from Asia to America, Europe to Africa. Just a few examples

Korean Jesa ceremony

설맞이 공동차례






Even in modern times, Confucian duty to ancestors is woven into the fabric of Korean culture and is widely observed, regardless of religion.  It is primarily the duty of the eldest son, who is expected to tend and maintain the family grave site, and to observe special days by making offerings to deceased relatives.

The Jesa ceremony is a memorial ceremony on the anniversary of an ancestor’s death. Traditionally led by the eldest son, the family would offer many types of food, fruit and rice wine to their deceased relative preparing a table with a memorial tablet for the ancestor.

Korean traditions also offer ceremonies to ancestors on special days such as lunar new year and Thanksgiving day, believing that four generations of ancestors are still connected and supporting the descendants. There are many rules for setting up the table or shrine and it is believed that the ancestors return to enjoy what is offered to them. Families pray for a good new year and honour and strengthen the connection between the deceased and the living.

Hindu Pitri-paksha ceremony

In the Hindu tradition is the belief that we are born with three debts. The first to God, the second to the sages or saints and the third to parents and ancestors who gave life, protection, care and all the support for their children and next generation to grow.  During a two week period each year called Pitri-paksha, Hindus honour and respect their ancestors and offer good deeds in their name.

Native American death ceremony

Native American Indians considered death a passing into the spirit world and the start of a new life. The journey was often thought to be long so they honoured and supported the deceased in different ways including offering food, herbs and gifts to ensure a safe journey into the next life.

Addiction and ancestors

Addictions commonly run through many generations of a family. They can bring so much distress and pain, destroying relationships and lives.

In the western world, treatment options address different aspects including the physical addiction itself, the psychological/emotional dependency and the years of emotional trauma affecting the sufferer and their loved ones. Yet, critically, the energy pattern from previous generations often remains unresolved.

In eastern tradition, strong emotional and thought patterns don’t just disappear after death. The mind is the link between the spirit and the body during life and continues to be so after death. A person who hasn’t let go of their desires, sorrows and attachments can remain attached to their body and physical life long after they have passed away.

These deceased ancestors have an energy body which surrounds the next generation influencing the pattern and direction of the family’s life. Unfortunately, emotional traumas, destructive thought and behavioural patterns that are deeply imprinted in someone’s mind can greatly influence future generations after the person’s passing.

That is why, when a living family member goes through a period of difficulty that drains them of energy, they are more vulnerable to the invisible energy of their ancestors and may begin to think and feel in the same way as they did.

Slowly these patterns can start to pass down and repeat in another generation. Once someone is affected by the energy of their ancestors, these thought patterns can become their own and so healing one’s own mind and releasing pain from one’s life experiences has to go hand in hand with healing the past. Healing ancestors is not a physical or medical treatment, it is a spiritual process which can create a new foundation for the future. It can restore hope to the family and give freedom and determination to those suffering.


Christina took part in ancestral healing because she wanted to show her love for her husband, children and grandchildren and bring greater happiness and improved relationships. She had been on a spiritual path for many years. She took part in the programme with all her heart. Her 70 year old husband, Michael, had drunk for 40 years. He was in his own world and could hardly remember his grandchildren’s names. She had long given up hope for him to recover. He was a gentle man and she cared for him, but his suffering continued and he couldn’t get better.

Following ancestral healing, he opened up to receiving help and became increasingly responsive to support. To her utter amazement, he checked himself into rehabilitation for the first time in 25 years. She told us his eyes were different and more alive after the ancestor healing and now he can remember not only his grandchildren’s names, but their birthdays as well.

James’ story

The ancestral healing program is unlike anything I’ve experienced before. The Qi masters put an incredible amount of love and effort into the ceremonies, which are profoundly beautiful and otherworldly, whilst still feeling completely natural.

The idea of caring for ancestors is not one I had encountered before, and the process changed my outlook. It puts life’s daily struggles in to perspective and broadens your mind to what exists beyond. This in turn affects the way you lead your life – emphatically for the better!

Chronic Fatigue and Ancestors

Why are we so tired?

It’s not unusual to feel tired after a long week at work, but more and more people feel constantly tired, and it doesn’t seem to lift despite a good diet and adequate rest.

When tiredness tips over into sickness it becomes chronic fatigue syndrome or ME and symptoms of allergies, sensitivity, insomnia, digestive problems, anxiety and pain can all follow. I suffered from ME for five years and have been fully well for 15. I have long believed that chronic fatigue has two fundamental root causes that are not easily addressed by modern medicine.

  • A shortage of Qi (Chi) in the body
  • A sensitivity to imbalanced or polluted Qi (Chi) from ancestors

Eastern philosophy teaches that we are born with a finite amount of energy that runs through a network of energy channels to support all our physical systems, organs and cells promoting immunity and vitality. If we exhaust the supply of Qi in the body, no amount of healthy food can restore this original life-force that we are born with. Food is nature’s energy which supports our life and keeps us healthy, but if our innate Qi is depleted it is very hard to recharge. In the modern world, where food, water and even energy are polluted, our bodies are struggling ever more to cope.

Strong or negative emotions, stress, bad diet, a virus, long-term use of medication can all drain our supply of Qi or energy from the body. Each person has a different container and many people who develop chronic fatigue originally had a weak constitution and a smaller container for Qi. At some point in their lives their Qi begins to run out and the energy channels become blocked. For many sufferers rest or modern medicine has not been able to provide relief.

If we are depleted of Qi, our sensitivity to the invisible energy around us increases.  We are affected by strong emotions, crowds, loud noise, pollution and invisible ancestors. The polluted or imbalanced energy around us can make us ill.

Modern living doesn’t give space or belief to things that are unseen, but ancient people knew life was eternal and that ancestors are connected to us after their death. Our ancestors think, feel and behave much as they did in their life. People often die with attachments and unresolved emotions and patterns from their life that still need healing. These patterns can be imprinted in our own energy system draining us of Qi and blocking our energy channels.

Our ancestors’ energy is like a cloak around us and sufferers of chronic fatigue can often be weighed down by this cloak that slows down their energy circulation and blocks the energy pores.

If we heal the karma of ancestors and support them to be free and at peace we can also free up the energy circulation in our own bodies. We need to restore our innate Qi and brighten and heal our ancestors’ energy pattern.

The Qi wellness centre offers energy assessments and energy healing to help restore our original Chi (Qi) to the body. It also offers programmes for healing ancestors. Respecting ancestors is an ancient practice and runs through many cultures. I believe it has a place in modern life and as a former sufferer of ME, I believe it helped me to find a way to lift the chronic fatigue and restart my life.

Three causes of dis-ease

Some years ago, I met a lady who had suffered from regular migraines for 25 years. No-one had found the cause or a cure, and she had to adapt her life-style to her condition. There was no respite. When she heard about ancestor healing and that we can be affected by the energy patterns and health symptoms of previous generations, it was something that resonated with her experiences. She took part in the ancestor ceremonies and had the most dramatic change in her condition for 2 decades, visibly noticeable to family and friends.

There are so many emotional patterns and physical problems that people suffer from that don’t seem to relate to any specific habit or root cause. Many people I have met over the years have felt that they have blockages in their life that just won’t shift no matter how healthy their lifestyle or how much self-development they have done.

We have a body, mind and spirit, which are all connected and dis-ease can originate in any of these three. I have used the hyphen because eastern teachings believe health is not just a state of physical wellbeing. Dis-ease can be caused by the imbalances and blockages in many different areas of our lives.

Cause 1: Physical

When something goes wrong with our health, we check what we have eaten, how we have slept, where we have been. We know when we are our own enemy. If we have drunk too much; if we have eaten too much sugar; if we have gone to bed too late too many nights in a row; if we haven’t done any exercise; if we live in a polluted city; if we smoke.

The first life style change people make when they have chronic conditions tends to be dietary. We can improve our well-being so much by eating well, drinking filtered water, breathing cleaner air. This is the petrol we put in our bodies. However, increasingly in modern life, we hear people say that they eat well, sleep a lot but still feel so tired and depressed.

In Eastern philosophy, we are made of energy or Qi. We have a network of energy channels that carry Qi all around our body to keep us healthy. Food, water, sunlight are nature’s Qi, like the petrol we put in the car. But we have original Qi, which is like the car battery. These days it is common for people to flatten their battery affecting their health. Nature’s Qi can’t recharge the battery or original Qi. When we are short of original Qi, it is harder to balance our emotions and feel happy.

Cause 2: Emotional

So many of our health issues and difficulties in our life are caused by our current emotions and deep-held emotional patterns from the past. Modern life offers many solutions from counselling and pyschotherapy through to meditation and relaxation techniques. Our emotions create instant responses in our body. When we are stressed our stomach knots and are shoulders tense and long-term stress drains us to the core. Other emotional patterns are more hidden but affect our wellbeing, affect the people around us and our relationships.

Most people understand that if we have more love, kindness, forgiveness and generosity we can be happier and healthier, but practicing this in a busy daily life is very challenging. Many emotional and behavioural patterns are created in our childhood and we are conditioned by our parents and upbringing. Often we don’t even realise we are being selfish or arrogant or greedy or that we are out of balance.

Cause 3: Spiritual 

Not many people consider cause 3. How could our deceased ancestors be making us ill or affecting our life? We live in a modern society and a material world and we are independent and responsible for all our choices in life. We don’t have time to think about what happens after death and how could we know anyway? We are comfortable to believe that what we can’t see doesn’t exist.

Yet, what if energy never dies. This is Einstein’s theory. When we leave our body behind, it lives on, breaking down into the elements of the Earth, and returning to Nature. Our spirit also lives on as light and vibration. We hope to die with a bright spirit, but people can carry the pain and emotions from their physical life after their death, affecting the lightness of the spirit.

The emotions and patterns of our ancestors don’t always disappear after death. Like old buildings hold the history in the walls, the energy patterns of our ancestors are passed down through the generations like our genes.

Ancestor healing is a practice of respect to help and heal ancestors and brighten their spirit after death. This lifts the karma from the family and brightens the energy around the next generation.

Ancient people understood and respected the connection between the visible and invisible, the continuation of life after death and it’s affect on the living.

In this modern world, we need to heal ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually to regain our real nature and connection.

Being and non-being

Empty space does not exist in the cosmos; the universe is a great mass of energy called Qi. Space is filled with Qi but appears to be empty, so being and non-being are one and the same thing. Since on the opposite side of the visible world is the invisible world rooted together as yin and yang, being and non-being exist together.

Generally people believe that what they can see and touch exists but what they can’t see does not exist. But what can be seen and touched will slowly disappear and when the time comes, what cannot be seen will again be seen and touched. Therefore that which is and is not are one and the same.